Why You Should Plan Your Christmas Work Parties Early

Christmas work parties are often the highlight of the year for most companies. Employees get a chance to mingle in a social setting, forgetting the reports, targets and deadlines. Whether your company is large or small, a great deal of planning needs to take place so that the event can be a success and employees have a blast. The topic “Christmas work parties – the importance of planning early!” may seem too obvious to explore, but there are quite a few aspects that can be discussed. Let’s get into it.

Venue options

This is one of the main reasons why you should start planning early. Staff usually do not want to attend their Christmas work parties at work! A change of scenery is always welcomed. Waiting to the last minute might mean all the good restaurants and location are taken! Especially if the number of employees to be catered for is large. You really want to get a head start, so that you actually have a choice and you do not end up with just what is available aka the left-overs. Ideally, the planning committee should start planning by October or even before if possible and make the necessary bookings. Of course, some venues are more prestigious than others, but no matter what kind of budget you have in mind, it’s vital to start looking for a few venues, so you can start off with a shortlist, and then make an informed decision when you better understand the price, features and facilities of each venue. Many people look for Christmas parties Norwich, but as a large town, there are plenty of options on the table, yet you have to grab the best ones fast.

Catering Options

Is a party even a party without good food and drink? Caterers are usually super busy during the Christmas season and getting one that can provide the required treats may be tricky. Remember Christmas party meals are at least three courses and including a dessert. Caterers usually have a lot of coordinating to do as well, since they have to organise serving staff, cutlery, glasses and plates.

Decorating Options

Who does not like to walk into a Christmas party and be totally mesmerism by the awesome decorations? Some of us only start feeling the Christmas Spirit when the decorations go up! A Christmas tree is an absolute must. Professional decorators as can be expected will be quite busy during the season. So it is important to plan early, know exactly what colour scheme you want and to settle on a budget.

Competing Dates

Christmas parties are usually held around the same times, usually the weeks right before Christmas, so numerous companies will be competing for the same resources, so as mentioned before you do not want to be left without a venue for your event.

So in order to ensure that your Christmas work party is a success that everyone is raving about into the New Year, be the early bird and secure your venue, caterer and decorator before the other companies beat you to it. Good luck!