What is Bridezilla?

The term ‘bridezilla’ refers to brides who are very demanding and use intolerant behavior that comes during wedding planning process, even if its 18 months away! At that time, you feel nobody is right, everything you want done should be according to how you wish. You actually don’t understand what anybody tries to explain to you including your fiance. You even yell up to everybody until they all get irritated and begin avoiding you. Well at least that’s our definition!

A bridezilla drinks a lot of wine too, which is not great for your health during these moments. You also find yourself awake during the night due to the planning stages. Moreover, you find everything to be expensive, so you now start budgeting again. Also, you feel like all your close friends or workers and parents are avoiding you. Nobody will sit with you daily to plan for your wedding, after all life has to move on.

As a bride try to remain cool and everything will go as planned. Don’t be a relentless bridezilla!