Wedding Catering On A Low Cost Budget

Having a low cost wedding doesn’t mean you have to serve low quality food.  Many wedding caterers have packages to suit every budget.  One option for a low cost wedding is to have a finger buffet/grazing boards.  Finger buffets and grazing boards can come in the form as hot, cold or a combination of both foods.  The difference between finger buffets and grazing boards is finger buffets are placed on one table and the wedding party will queue and help themselves, where as a grazing board is delivered directly to the centre of each table for a smaller number of guests to share.  All food should be finger type foods, such as chicken goujons, potato wedges or chunky fries, meat or vegetable skewers, mini burgers.  Cold foods examples are fruit, vegetable sticks and dips, posh crisps, cheese and crackers, cakes, pastries and cold meats.  Above all try and make your food colourful with garnishes and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.