Tips on planning a corporate team building event

What should you expect after having a team building event for your staff? The results depend on several factors, but they are mostly positive according to research. The team building events are famous for bringing cohesiveness which plays a significant role in productivity. So, when organising a corporate team building event, the factors to consider are the goals, timing, location, and the activities.

Set goals- Before choosing any locations or activities, first, determine why you need this event. Is it a celebration, or you’re trying to address a problem? With this goal in mind you can create a plan to address these few issues; do not try to fix many problems in one event.

Hold the event during office hours- There’s no doubt that we love our jobs, but nobody wants to do overtime or go to work on a weekend. Therefore, plan the team building event during working hours and be sure to provide food. You could have the activity on a Friday afternoon; it’s better than spending time in the office.

Avoid onsite events- Plan to get out of the office for this event. A new environment breaks the ice and people tend to leave the titles at work. So, the interaction is significantly improved when you’re outside the four walls of the office. Besides, onsite events have little impact compared to offsite events.

Choose favourable activities- Not everybody would enjoy a football match or a cooking event. The choice of activities you have plays a prominent role in the success of the team building event. Choose an event that aligns with the goals you have set to meet and not the trend. That way, you involve everybody, and that increases your chances of success.

Corporate team building has always been a game changer for most companies. If correctly executed, you stand a better chance of building a strong team that results in increased productivity in the long run. Whatever your reasons, be sure to include all members; considering their seniority, ability to move and their job type. However, do not forget to take feedback; it helps in planning future events.

It is important that you take your time in planning your corporate event, as there are many aspects to consider and implement in order to execute a successful event. If you are busy with work, then you could always consider hiring a corporate event company to help plan, and host the entire event. This will help the entire event run smoothly, without the risk of any important aspects being forgotten. Hiring a professional to organize and run the event also frees up your own time, meaning you can get involved in the team building activities too.

There are many ways to bring a work team together, and organising a corporate team event is a great place to start. Setting up an event outside of the office environment provides many benefits for any work team, as it allows workers to interact with each other in an informal setting.