Tips of choosing a wedding cake

Planning your wedding day is an exciting time, and choosing the perfect cake is all part of the fun. There are so many different types of wedding cakes to choose from, so we have broken it down to try and help with your decision making:

Sponge- From tradition fruit cake, to flavoured sponges, there is no right or wrong sponge to have. Always taste a variety of sponges and flavours before you make your final decision.

Tiers- Tiered cakes tend to be a popular option, however over recent years’ couples have gone for a variety of individual cakes instead.

Design- This has to be the most important part to decide upon. You want your wedding cake to represent you and your other half as a couple, while also bringing in elements of your wedding day theme. When you have your first wedding cake consultation, taking along your wedding plans/ any themed items being used on the big day will help the cake maker come up with some design ideas for you both.