Planning your Christmas work party

Bring your work team together and celebrate with a perfectly organised end of year Christmas party. Organising a Christmas party should be an easy seamless process, making all the guests feel relaxed and festive in a well presented venue, full of the best food and music. There are many things you may want to consider when it comes to creating a festive gathering for the whole work team to enjoy. There are many christmas parties London for all types of people, from those who prefer adventure days out, to themed parties with food and drinks of plenty. We have compiled a list to help get your Christmas party planning off to the best possible start:

Venue: Choosing a venue should be a top priority, and should be thought about many months in advance of the date. Venues are popular during the festive season, so securing your date early is essential if you don’t want to miss out. It is important to visit the venue and check the size and amenities on offer before paying any deposit.

Size of party: of course the amount of people attending the party is important. This is so food can be ordered and the size of the venue matching the group size, there is nothing worse than too few people in a large venue and too many people in a small venue. You may also want to consider if you want a private or shared party. Many companies choose a shared party venue to lower the cost per person.

Food: Food is defiantly a must at any event, that’s why getting it right at the start always helps. Choose between a sit down meal or buffet style, and make sure the caterers are able to cater for all dietary requirements. Set menus tend to be a popular option for work Christmas parties, and works well for timings and organising for the caterers as they can prepare in advance.

Budget: Money certainly plays a role in any event and setting a budget early will help to avoid any unnecessary costs. Price tickets per person at a realistic value and do not over spend. Price cuts could be made on the venue or food, depending on the type and style of party you are planning.

Theme: Themed parties are a great idea and can help create a great, relaxed environment for the guests. You must remember not everyone enjoys dressing up, so check the preference of the work team before planning a theme. A themed Christmas party may also require additional planning and spending, so make sure it will fit within budget and if there is enough time to plan adequately.

Gear and services: Consider the gear and services your party may require, from AV hire, DJ services to waiters and security. Making a list is a great way to start.

This list is a quick guide to help get you started on planning your next Christmas work party. There is no need to wait to start planning, the earlier you start the better, you may even save some money by booking in advance.