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Does It Have To Be A Wedding Cake?

Traditionally, when a couple confirms their love from one another by tying the knot and getting married, a fruit cake is the dessert of choice. This is typically due to its consistency and how it can hold its shape throughout the entire ceremony and after-party. However, as time has progressed, the traditional fruit wedding cake is being less commonly used. People are still choosing to have a cake at their wedding, but they’re choosing a range of different flavours that they enjoy and goes with their wedding theme. But, does it always have to be a wedding cake?

The truth is, no it does not always have to be a wedding cake. Whilst this is the most traditional dessert to have at a wedding, it does not always have to be cake. As the traditions are changing, you do not need to stick to a wedding cake. Yes, some older, more traditional members of your family may not enjoy the change, it is up to you.

Here are some alternative ideas that you may choose for a wedding cake.

A brownie is another great choice for wedding dessert that you can have as a replacement for cake. Yes, you may not be able to stack it like a cake and have as many decorations. But a professional baker will be able to create you a brownie dessert and masterpiece that is bound to wow your guests and taste delicious.

Another alternative is still a type of cake, but not the traditional style. You can decide to have many cupcakes on a stand to make a gorgeous cupcake cake. This way everyone will receive the same sized cake, and you know there will be no cake wasted as you will only need to provide an amount for the people who wish to have cake. This is a great alternative to a large wedding cake.