Different Types of Wedding Catering

Its’ time to decide what food to have on your big day! We are going to look at three different wedding catering styles.

Plated dinner is the most common choice. You and your guests sit down and your food is served to you. There are generally two or three different choices on the menu to cater to everyone. This will help your reception to feel more organised.

Another choice is a buffet. Slightly higher in cost due to not knowing how much food is needed. However, you won’t need to higher waiters. Also, people can decide their own portion size.

The final choice is bite-sized. This involves having finger-sized foods out for guests to try. Allowing you to have a wider variety of food choices. This helps if you are catering for children as well as adults.

Take the time to think about you and your guests. Which catering style will most suit your needs and fit your budget.