Choosing the Best Dinnerware for Your Personal Style

Choosing the Best Dinnerware for Your Personal Style

Buying your dinner and glassware online can be very overwhelming. With so many sources out there, who knows what kind of pricing, availability, customer service, etc is the best. Whether you’re looking to entertain crowds or simply have a nice table setting for your immediate family, dishes and glassware are a must for any household.

How to Choose Dinnerware

You should choose dinnerware that best reflects your style, your dining room’s theme, and the kind of food you’re going to be placing on it. Keep in mind that some dishes are better for use by children and others are for more formal occasions. You can determine the quality of a dish and its material by checking its weight and density. This can be done by flicking the middle of the plate with your fingers and listening for a ringing sound. If you are buying your dishes online, then be sure to ask (or research) about the weight and dimensions of your prospective plates. A dinner plate, for example, should be around 27 cm in width and depth and 2 cm in height. 

What are My Dinnerware Needs?

Some people choose to have sets of formal and informal dining ware. A style like country dinnerware can be great for both occasions. You should choose a pattern that is complementary to the colors and styles of the interior decor of your home. Care and storage of country dinnerware can be much easier than bone china or more delicate kinds of materials. While some fine porcelain should be stored in either racks or with plate liners between each plate, other less-formal kinds of materials can simply be stacked or arranged on racks without need of special packing equipment.

Where Can I Buy Dinnerware Sets?

Dinnerware and glassware can be bought in many different places. Home goods stores, department stores, and even thrift stores are readily available choices. Many people, however, prefer the ease of shopping online for their home needs. Shopping online can be a great alternative to going to brick and mortar stores. You can often find more of a selection at even better prices!

How Many Sets Do You Need? 

There are three different kinds of sets of dinnerware: the common set (four to eight people), open stock (mix and match), and per place setting. If you decide that you don’t need soup bowls and cereal bowls, then maybe buying open stock is the way to go. If you are serious about wanting everything to match and to have specific numbers of every item, then you should definitely invest in a common set.

Buying Dinnerware Online

There are many considerations when buying dinnerware online. Cost can be a huge factor, for example, along with the number of place settings and level of formality. Personal taste can be a huge influence on what you decide, as well as availability of replacement pieces and expansion. Whatever style you choose— from bone china to country dinnerware— your choices should best reflect who you are and what kind of home you live in. Read more about this topic here!