Choosing a Turkish buffet for your wedding

So the day has come. Maybe the most important day of your life – your wedding day. But there is a slight problem, and that is which cuisine to choose. Is it going to be a traditional, Italian, Mexican, British or Chinese themed meal? They’re all fine options but we’ve found there’s a certain trend occurring with Turkish buffets. It may not be the first idea that comes to mind, but with a Turkish you’re guaranteed many different kinds of spices and delicious specialties that will be sure to excite guests.

From wonderful cold appetisers called meze (a variety of different dishes to warm your stomach up before the main meal), to delicious meat specialties like sis kebab, doner and kuzu tandir, you’re able to enjoy a wedding meal like no other. Of course, as every top-level world cuisine, Turkish food is full of sweet desserts. Tasty ‘baklava’ is a pastry dessert made of blended nuts with pistachios that will probably leave your guests breathless. So if you have a dilemma as to which buffet to choose, why not look up for the best Turkish restaurant and see if they can provide a buffet.