Catering options for your wedding meal

Wedding meals were traditionally a three course meal with a very formal approach. Some modern weddings have certainly done a 360 on this.

Wedding days have become a way to express the couple’s personality and an opportunity to make their wedding day different from others. The wedding meal is an important part of the day and that’s why choosing the catering option can be a difficult task.

There are many different options from a formal meal to a buffet style BBQ. Some newlyweds even choose to have pizza as there first meal! There really is no right or wrong meal choice as it is purely down to the choice of the couple getting married, and they should not feel any pressure to follow tradition. It is their special day of course.

Another option for catering at a wedding is to choose a county theme, such as Italian, Greek or Jamaican, the possibilities are endless, so get planning and tasting now.