Catering ideas for a children’s birthday party

If you have your son or daughter’s birthday coming up, you may be thinking about what to do to help them celebrate? With the summer holidays still in full swing, why not try a garden party with fun outdoor activities and delicious food.

When it comes to catering for a children’s party, the best thing to do is keep it simple.

A must have is a cheese and grape hedgehog, cut a watermelon in half and add cocktail sticks into the back, each stick should have a mixture of grape and cheese. Not only does it taste great, this kids will love the hedgehog look to their food.

Sandwiches are another quick and easy option that can be prepared the night before and set out on the day. You can fill the sandwiches with a variety of fillings to cater for the vegetarians and meat eaters, sure to fill them up before the birthday cake! With catering out of the way, you can concentrate on all of the games and activities you have to control.