Catering For A Halloween Wedding

Having a halloween themed wedding is not well known, but it is an option. But how would you cater for such a highly themed wedding?

Wedding Cake
The main aspect of any wedding catering is of course the wedding cake! This is super easy to theme to a halloween wedding. If you are still wanting a traditional white cake, all you need to do is add some piping in black or white in a spider web pattern. This will add the spookiness to your cake.

The perfect drink for a halloween wedding would have to be any form of red wine. Add to the theming by naming it along the lines of ‘Vampire Blood’ etc. This will add to your dark, halloween theme.

Sweet Treats
Including lots of sweet treats is an easy way to make this more halloween themed. Using lots of blacks, oranges and reds in your catering display will help to add to the theming.