2 Popular, High Quality Birthday Cakes

As a parent, making sure that you can provide a nice birthday cake for your child is an important concern, and with the inception of social media like Instagram, there are plenty of standards that you have to compare your cake to. While there are a range of impressive cakes that you can produce with a minimal amount of baking experience, there is little chance of an amateur being able to produce a cake of the same quality as a professional cake bakery. If you’re looking for birthday cakes in London, then there are a large number of available options that you have to choose from.

To build birthday cakes in London, the first thing you need to know is your target audience. For young children, a solid option that is sure to make a splash is a chocolate cake or a Victoria sponge. You may also want to use some bright food colourings in the frosting so that it is very visually captivating for your little ones. If you’re preparing a cake for an older loved one, a good path to take is to focus on the old adage of less is more. If you can make a lovely cake that is very indulgent, such as a nice, rich chocolate cake, or red velvet cake, then that can be a great way to satisfy the cake craving without loading up on the calories.

A great birthday cake in London that you can prepare for your loved ones is a red velvet cake. There are a lot of cakes out there, but there are few as indulgently delicious as a red velvet cake. This modern classic was developed in the 20th century, in Maryland in eastern USA. Its red colour originally didn’t come from food colouring, and instead got it from one of its ingredients, beetroot. Beetroot, cocoa, butter, buttermilk, sugar, vinegar and flour is about as standard as you can go for a red velvet cake, however there are some variations out there. Some choose to forego the beetroot and rely on red food colouring for the colour, which can simplify the preparation somewhat.

Another cake that you can look at is a tiramisu cake. Tiramisu is a wonderful cake like dish that originates in Italy in the mid 20th century, where the name is a portmanteau of ‘cheer me up’. The cake dish is made from a soft sponge cake that has been soaked in a mixture of coffee and liquor. The precise liquor you use is up to interpretation, however the aim should be something sweet like rum or brandy. For a truly decadent option you can use bailey’s. On top of the sponge cake is a layer of cream, traditionally done with mascarpone cheese mixed with sugar and egg whites, which creates a lighter alternative to regular frosting. The egg whites are beaten until fluffy, and then the cheese is folded in along with the sugar. To make a great tiramisu cake, you should use alternating layers of the tiramisu cream with thin layers of sponge soaked in the liquor and coffee, topped with a layer of the cream and finally, a generous dusting of cocoa and coffee, at a ratio of roughly two to one respectively.