The Types of Catering

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There are actually a number of different catering services, some of them you may even be surprised to hear about. Versatility is one of the big benefits of a catering service, as, because they are usually more expensive than a simple takeaway service, you can get tailor made meals to your exact specifications, and, because of this versatility, catering services come in many different shapes and sizes.

School catering services is a catering service which you perhaps have not heard about. What this is, is a service which allows parents to pay for a high quality and healthy meal for their children to have.

Business catering is something which is a bit more common, but it does come in a number of different fashions. You could have food delivered everyday so that all of your workers have a solid meal instead of low quality stuff from a petrol station or fast food restaurant.

Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

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For women one of the most important parts of a wedding is the dress they’re going to wear. There are actually a number of things which are worth considering before you actually make a decision on which one to wear, like the price and the various styles.

For a wedding, you should expect to pay a lot of money, and because of this a limited budget can be a big deciding factor in the choices you have available. The cheaper dresses (at least without it becoming absolutely terrible) come in at around £100-£150, so you should expect to pay around that much if you have limited funds. A good tip for limiting your expenditure is to order online, and then go to a seamstress to help it to fit.

In terms of the design of the dress, you have a number of things to consider. You may want to make sure that the dress matches what you r bride’s maids will be wearing for the occasion, or you could decide you want to follow tradition and only wear white for your first marriage. There is a tremendous number of styles to choose from, and a good tip for getting to experience all of them is to go to a wedding dress shop and try them out.

Finding the Right Entertainment

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There are numerous social events which require some hired entertainment in order to be successful, and a big part of making it a great experience for everybody attending is by getting some great entertainment, whether it is for a wedding, stag or hen night, birthday party or something else.

There are a few different ways to find and then quality check your options, beyond the typical method of using the same entertainers used by your friends and family in another event. You can search online for various entertainment services, which can be effective so long as you’re able to find real reviews of those providers, but this can take quite a long time do so you may want to choose your other option, which is to go an event management company who will have a number of different options. If you want to be original and provide some entertainment that nobody else in your social circle has thought to provide then it is even more important to follow this advice.

Choosing the Best Dinnerware for Your Personal Style

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Buying your dinner and glassware online can be very overwhelming. With so many sources out there, who knows what kind of pricing, availability, customer service, etc is the best. Whether you’re looking to entertain crowds or simply have a nice table setting for your immediate family, dishes and glassware are a must for any household.

How to Choose Dinnerware

You should choose dinnerware that best reflects your style, your dining room’s theme, and the kind of food you’re going to be placing on it. Keep in mind that some dishes are better for use by children and others are for more formal occasions. You can determine the quality of a dish and its material by checking its weight and density. This can be done by flicking the middle of the plate with your fingers and listening for a ringing sound. If you are buying your dishes online, then be sure to ask (or research) about the weight and dimensions of your prospective plates. A dinner plate, for example, should be around 27 cm in width and depth and 2 cm in height.  Read the rest of this entry »

Delivering a Great Wedding Speech

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While weddings are usually a stressful event for the couple getting married, a wedding speech is made by a guest, usually a close family member or the best man, and this is where the stress is placed firmly on their shoulders.

The attention is focussed upon the person delivering the speech, so, if you’re in that position, making sure that you do a good job is very important. There are a variety of ways that you can ensure that you do do a good job, such as relentless practising in front friends and family, or even by paying for a professional speech writer to help you out. Paying for a professional to help you out may seem like a bit of a stretch, but it can be very effective: Speech writers are well versed in these areas, and providing that you’re able to provide some background information on the couple they can help you construct an entertaining and charming speech which the couple and the guests are sure to approve of.

Email Invitations are Becoming the New Trend

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Even for things like weddings, where the tradition has always been to mail a fancy invitation to all of your guests, email is starting to become adopted as the means of communication. While there are some drawbacks to this change, and certainly there are those who still feel it is inappropriate for special occasions, there are some clear advantages with email.

First of all, with email you can receive acceptance emails far more quickly than you would letters, but there are a lot more advantages besides this. If there are problems then a conversation can be had quickly to rectify those problems. You can also set out the agenda for the wedding through email, including things like the meal plans so that people can make their choice of food. What email really offers everybody involved is convenience.

While it is difficult to make an email quite as appealing as a high quality letter, there are things which can be done to improve an emails appearance to add some gravitas to the occasion. There are even sample email wedding invitations which you can use with some slight tweaking for yourself.

Dietary Requirements in Weddings

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It can be difficult, but it is increasingly becoming something that caterers, wedding planners, and those getting married are going to have to concern themselves with; dietary requirements. There are a whole host of reasons why guests at a wedding may have their own unique dietary requirements; allergies, gluten intolerance, vegetarianism and more, and dealing with these concerns does require some compromises.

There are things which can be done to ensure that everybody gets an enjoyable meal during a wedding, such a by excluding some of the chief suspects, such as nuts, from the food. The best way of dealing with the issue is to provide a large number of dishes which people can choose from to match their dietary requirements. This can be difficult to do when it is a snap decision, and the way to deal with it easily is by asking all of your guests to choose their meal plans for the occasion prior to the day, which allows caterers to make all of the necessary preparations.

Does Barbecue Work on a Wedding?

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Couples have a lot of options when it comes to the type of food they serve for their wedding, but you still find the occasional pair who decide that they’re going to do something like serving barbecue for their wedding. There isn’t something strictly wrong with this, but when most people are asked what they associate barbecues with, weddings are probably pretty far down the list. In fact, people will think about a nice, relaxing afternoon and evening sitting around a barbecue with friends and family, and a wedding is not usually a relaxed occasion. This says nothing of the problems caused by having an exposed fire going when everybody is dressed in their finest.

While in most cases barbecue is inappropriate for weddings, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used when done tastefully. Hiring professional caterers who provide barbecue style food of very high quality can still give you and your guests a great experience.


Wedding Rehearsals vs Bachelor Parties and Bridal Showers

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While these traditional ceremonies which precede a wedding aren’t mutually exclusive, often times you’ll find a couple doing one or the other, with the majority of people deciding upon a bachelor party and bridal shower.

These conventions each have something to offer to a couple and their family and friends, so the decision on what you do can be difficult. A wedding rehearsal can be ideal for when your two families aren’t close and don’t really know each other. It can give them an opportunity to get acquainted before the wedding, helping you to avoid any awkward silences during the special day. While a bachelor night and bridal shower can also do this, it isn’t quite so effective.

Bachelor parties and bridal showers can be a great way for a couple to de-stress after they’ve finished planning the wedding, hopefully putting them in a better position to enjoy the actual wedding. As it is usually the one area of the occasion when they aren’t involved in the planning, there should be very little stress for them.


Catering Themes for Weddings

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Catering services can serve a wide variety of party foods, and although it is your prerogative what food you have at your wedding, the norm is to aim for a classy setting with a classy meal.

A good option for a catered wedding is to serve a three course meal, but there are a lot of other options which are sure to impress as well. A classic is to have hors-d’oeuvres served, which can still leave you with the need to provide them a full meal as well. This is a great option as it can leave your guests with more time to socialise and enjoy themselves.

Another big part of having a successful wedding meal and reception is to make sure that the cutlery, serving staff, and the setting in general are all of high quality. This can have a big impact on how much your guests enjoy the meal.